Hi Everybody :)


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Hey there,

I've just stumbled across this forum and I'm looking forward to engage in some civilized discussions about economical issues! Looks like this forum was created just recently which I think is great! I'm especially interested in the topics of Public Debt/Budget Deficits and its consequences on the economy. I believe it is a big issue that will cause some huge trouble on the medium- to long-term.

Currently, I'm studying Business Administration in Switzerland and I have a background in Finance. Please excuse mistakes in my grammar or spelling as English is not my first language. I also speak German, French, and a tiny bit of Italian.

Looking forward to learning some new things,


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Hello and welcome! Sorry for my late reply- I am in the process of moving right now and have not had internet access for the past few days.

I am looking forward to sharing ideas with you!

Also, I am trying to learn German right now so- Willkommen in unserem Website!