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Mr. Administrator

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Hello everyone! I launched this website in hopes of creating a place where anyone with a desire to learn , teach, discuss, or debate subjects in economics could come. I am not an expert in economics myself, though I have spent a significant amount of time reading economic textbooks and other materials in order to learn about this obviously important subject. As I have read, I have found myself developing my own questions and ideas about economics. As a result of this, I sought out economics discussion forums on the internet which I could use as a resource for developing my understanding, and, perhaps, for sharing some of my own useful insights. However, I found that, while there were some online forums in which economics was the general subject, I did not find any forums which seemed extensive and well organized enough to meet the needs of people like myself. I had hoped that I could find a forum dedicated to economics similar to the well-organized forums on the internet dedicated to physics and other sciences such as physicsforums.com. I thought that there would be many others like me who would also like such an economics forum, and so this website was created! (with the help of my girlfriend). I hope that the effort proves successful, and that you find your time here to be fruitful.

-Mr Administrator